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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tenants in Meal Vennel, Perth, 1773 - P&K Council Archives

Perth and Kinross Council Archives are one of the many archives that have showcased some images from their fascinating collections on Flickr.  I often enjoy just browsing through the photo-streams of the various different archives and thought that I would point out any interesting/unusual/useful records which I come across on my travels.

Today I'm highlighting one record in particular, a census of Perth dating from 1773.  P&K District Archives have published a return dealing with properties in Meal Vennel on Flickr (document reference: GB252/B59/24/1/40).  

A database of the returns from this census is available through the website and you can view the original images too if you are a subscriber.

But, if you haven't used these records before then the image of the Meal Vennel return on Flickr will give you an idea of the type of information in the census.  Are any of these people your ancestors?

William Graham, aleseller
William Bryson, mason
William Sharp, doctor
Alexr McIntyre, taylor
John McDonald, labourer
William Reid, labourer
Kathrine Duff, widow
Elizabeth Stewart, widow
Jannet Robertson
Cathrine McDougall
Christan Robertson
James Gibson, weaver

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